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What We Do

River’s Edge Haven of Hope endeavours to offer a unique natural environment for people of all ages and walks of life to discover and grow in their journey with Jesus Christ through authentic mentoring relationships (Vision Statement).

 As a Christian organization, our core purpose is to share the hope, love, and saving grace of Jesus Christ in a broken world. In a world filled with challenges, our mission is to provide a safe haven for struggling people. Through our unique farm setting, we match youth with mentors who will walk alongside them on their journey, helping them to achieve their goals and explore the beauty of God’s creation.

Our program begins with an 11-week initial program, where each youth is paired with a mentor who will grow with them. Together, they will embark on self-discovery and personal growth while learning valuable life skills. Our sessions are tailored to meet each child’s specific needs and desires, allowing them to explore activities such as woodworking, baking, gardening, and caring for animals.

A strong foundation for friendship is created by sharing fun experiences together as well as working side by side. Each session is tailored to meet the needs and desires of each individual child, which also includes a small chore that communicates the value of serving others. It is our hope that each child will experience the source of that love, Jesus Christ.  

What is Play?

At River’s Edge we are not just about horses (although that is what draws many people to our farm!). We are creating a space for children and youth to be children and youth by inviting them to play. Many children and youth are not exposed to the simple wonder and joy of frolicking in the woods catching sunbeams, having the space to play hide and go seek in a large barn, or have access to creating a birdhouse using power tools with an experienced adult.

At Rivers Edge we do our best to create  place where kids can be kids, using their imaginations, exploring, inventing, making messes, and learning from natural consequences. 

Play is an integral part of learning, encouraging the development of physical, emotional, social, and cognitive skills. Play helps a child grow in creativity, critical thinking, self-awareness, and decision making skills. Play pushes a child past comfort levels and teaches a child confidence to face a risk and overcome challenges and fears. At River’s Edge we desire to come alongside and join in the play of a child or youth to teach, guide, and encourage confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and self-discovery.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call (289) 426-0481.