River’s Edge Farm – Strawberry

Welcome to the Strawberry Farm

Our Strawberry Season has come to an end and appreciate everyone who came out to support us. River’s Edge is happy to welcome you to our 1.7 acre strawberry farm consisting of 50,000 strawberry plants using a tabletop growing system.

Our season of berries has ended and we are thankful our first year went well. We appreciate all the patience and support from people over the season.

Be sure to check in and see updates on the farm and productions. Follow us on Instagram and be part of our journey.

How are they grown?

Strawberries are cultivated in soil in many different ways, one of which is the tabletop growing system. The plants are grown in troughs which are placed in gutters and sit at chest height, making it easier for people to pick. This system helps to produce very clean fruit that is harvested quickly and easily.

Strawberry Season

The regular strawberry season run from June – July. Our season production runs from around June – October with the system we have set in place. However, strawberries are a delicate fruit, so their growing and picking season differs each year.


Our Season has begun and we are excited to provide a “Pick Your Own” for the community to enjoy. Our table top system makes picking enjoyable for everyone, so come on down and spend some quality time picking by yourself or with family and friends.

Hours : CLOSED

Prices for Pick Your Own :

  • $22 for a flat containing 6 quarts
  • $3.75 for a Quart


Come on down and buy your own pre picked strawberries.

Hours : CLOSED

Prices for Pre – Picked:

  • $6.50 for a Quart
  • $36.00 for a Flat
  • $33.00 for Wholesale

Contact Us

We have begun our strawberry season and are very busy with picking. Come on down and buy yourself some strawberries for yourself or the whole family to enjoy!




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