Our mentorship program is involved in working with youth one to one in a variety of areas including working with horses, farm related activities, outdoor exploring and adventures, and much more.  An ideal mentor will have the ability to get onto the child or youth’s level and meet them on their level regardless of their age, developmental level, religion, and culture. The mentor will not need to have all the answers to life’s big questions but have the willingness listen, empathize, and share the love of Jesus Christ.  

Qualifications of a mentor

  • Must be willing to sign off on River’s Edge statement of faith and  display the lifestyle of a Christian witness.
  • Have a personal and life changing relationship with Jesus.
  • Comfortable and experienced in the area(s) that they would like to mentor in (woodworking, horsemanship, kayaking, etc.)
  • Experience with children and youth.
  • Must be willing to participate in training that Rivers Edge offers over and above the time committed to mentoring.
  • Must be able to commit for one year.
  • Preferable to have first aid and CPR certification.



There are many volunteer opportunities at River’s Edge! Volunteer opportunities are “behind the scenes” work that are vital to the operations at Rivers Edge. We are so grateful for our volunteers!

Here are some potential roles that your skills and gifts can serve those that access Rivers Edge

  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Herd help
  • Property maintenance
  • Website and social media accounts managing
  • Fundraising
  • Church representation
  • Farm help

Volunteer requirements

  • Any age is welcome.
  • Must be willing to sign off on River’s Edge statement of faith and also display the lifestyle of a Christian witness.
  • Comfortable with getting dirty!
  • Able to fill a 3 hour volunteer shift at least once per month