Survivor Camp

Together with the Dunnville Youth Impact Centre, we have been having Monday afternoon camps for kids. We have hosted many weeks and it has been a success thus far! It is a blessing to see so many smiling faces each week and we are excited what the rest of the summer brings!

Creation Explored

We had the opportunity to host our own camps at River’s Edge Haven of Hope for two weeks – one for boys and one for girls. Each week was full of smiles, entertainment and memories to cherish!

Our theme for the weeks focused on exploring creation and how we can see Gods handiwork in everything around us. Day 1 focused on the Greatness of God and the wonder of His power. Day 2 focused on How God uses animals to teach us about Him. Day 3 focused on Our need for Jesus Christ and our Purpose in Life.

Bright Hope Summer Camp

Together with Streetlight Ministries, we have the opportunity to host 2 weeks of camp. Our goal for camp is to provide a time of fun and fellowship with the children, but to also share the love of God to them and share the Bright Hope that He provides.

During the 2 weeks we have the privilege of sharing the gospel with the children. Our speakers have been using the stories of Jesus Christ to demonstrate God’s power in our lives and our need for Jesus Christ in our lives.