Chris DeBoer

Executive Director

The LORD is using Chris’ life and work experiences to shape his work at River’s Edge. Chris’ father passed away when he was only 4 years old. Today, Chris is able to empathize with children going through difficulties. Being the youngest in a large family, Chris was often busy with nieces and nephews. This has taught him how to be approachable for a child. Chris is no slouch to hard work as he did landscaping for many summers in the greater Toronto area. After he obtained a Bachelor of Business Management and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Chris began his career as a Registered Nurse. He first worked with children dependent on technology for life support, as well as specialized orthopaedic rehabilitation and brain injury rehabilitation. After 2 years in this field, he worked in adult medicine for 6 years in both the Toronto and Hamilton areas. In 2018, due to the challenges of ongoing shift work and a growing family, Chris and his wife prayerfully decided it was time for a change. Using his previous business education, Chris moved to a managerial role in a Christian recycling business. After about 2 years, the LORD led him to join River’s Edge Haven of Hope in the fall of 2020. It is here that Chris uses both his business education and his compassionate heart to God’s glory and to the benefit of the staff and children who come. Chris has provided steady, solid leadership to this growing organization. He has worked hard to promote River’s Edge to the general public, including many church communities. If you have not been here for a tour yet, I invite you to connect with the office and book one!

Megan Devries

Lead Mentor / Horse Manager

Megan’s past work experiences have definitely been a blessing from God for us here at River’s Edge. Megan spent some time working with behaviourally challenged youth by supporting them in their needs. She also worked with mothers who were learning to care for their children. The skills Megan learned from these jobs are easily applied here at River’s Edge. Still, Megan has more to offer! From a young age, she has been involved with horses by working on a breeding farm as well as on a youth ranch in Alberta. It’s no surprise, then, that Megan is able to equip the staff and volunteers at River’s Edge with the proper training needed to work with the horses. She began her career at River’s Edge in August 2020. Megan’s compassionate heart and love for those who come to the farm has been a blessing in creating a positive environment.

Avery Linde

Lead Mentor

Avery’s kind heart has been moulded by God through her life and work experiences. When she was 12 years old, her father passed away after a few years of illness. This made Avery understand children who are struggling or challenged. Avery’s understanding grew into a passion for helping those with special needs and determining the best course of action for them. So she completed the Educational Assistant Special Needs Support program at Niagara College and has applied the skills learned there for the past 6 years. Avery worked alongside adults with developmental disabilities and, more recently, she assisted children with learning disabilities in a Christian elementary school. In March of 2020, Avery joined the River’s Edge team. Her fun-filled spirit and kind heart are definitely an asset! She puts a smile on, not only the children’s faces, but also the staff around her.